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We are all spiritual beings, thus we are without any racial, cultural or religious prejudice. We were born to this world free by right not by choice. We encourage all the people to express themselves freely, to be creative in all forms. Being part of this world is to be the world; being part of everything and everyone.

Honor, Respect and Love are words we use far too often, and tend to misuse their true meaning.  It is easy to judge the rest of us, and so easy to justify our own actions. And it is exactly here where the world of “alchemy” hides. To be aware of the course of actions needed to be taken, we need a little bit more than just a book, a seminar or a lecture. Becoming a sorcerer of your own mind and, consequentially, of your environment, is a life-long journey. To come this far you need to climb the ladder of experience, learning from your own mistakes as well as from the mistakes of others. Knowledge brings us a step higher towards the universal knowledge of personal realization. How high do we have to climb? How long? Is there an illumination at the end? What really matters is the experience. Nobody can inject doubt in your mind about your own experience.

The experience

Join us in experiencing the traditional Mayan fire ceremonies, hear the shaman’s views of time and space, and discover the use of the world’s most precise agricultural calendar. You will have the opportunity to find your role in this world according to some of the oldest teachings. We’re not looking for the perfect travel; instead we focus on the experience of a personal journey. Merge into the Mayan culture, sharing the differences of different teachings; we can guarantee you a complete personal rejuvenation.

Sacred Land Journeys offers you the opportunity of completely submerging into what matters to you the most – yourself. You just have to let go and feel good. The tools for life that you will develop, arise from places where magic is still alive.

The journey’s itinerary can be modified to better suit the group’s interests. If, for example, you are more interested in the Mayan ceremonies and traditional teachings of the Maya, we will rearrange the journey to match your interests. Are you looking forward to work with body energies, massage or Reiki? Are you interested in exploring the country with an experienced guide? Are you ready for adventure?

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3 pensamientos en “Join us on our next Transformational Journey

  1. The entire team of spiritual guides who make up the team of walkers for life and world peace. We are very happy to be part of this wonderful project.
    Todo el equipo de guias espirituales que conformamos el equipo de caminantes por la vida y paz del mundo. Estamos muy felices de ser parte de este maravilloso proyecto.

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