The Materials for the Mayan Ceremonies


Nana María, Mayan Shaman

The materials that are used to perform a ceremony are diverse, following the type of ceremony, and also depending on the economic offering.

The Pom or copal:

It is made of the resin of trees; the smoke is the offering par excellence.

The Cascarita:

It is a pile of rind of a very odorous tree.

The candles:

Of the nine colors that represent all the colors that conform nature. These are used to ask for our needs to be fulfilled.

The Cuilco:

In the form of little coins, this material is used as an offering to all twenty nawales.

The incense:

With his natural aroma it pleases the Ajaw (the God force).

The chocolate:

It is used to thank and make requests.

The sugar:

The sugar is used to sweeten the bitter things in life; it also serves to be able to read in the sacred fire.

The cinnamon:

This spice is used to ground ourselves and to remove the bitterness of many of our issues.


The heart of the sacred tree in form of sticks filled with resin.

The brandy:

It is a good  offering to the grandparents. With it we satiate their thirst, since the brandy is medicinal for them.

The cohetillos and pumps:

They serve to announce the joy of the celebration, also to give some warnings than it is happening in the consensus and advice whom the grandparents are having, since when invoking to the grandparents they go to the appointment within the fire and is there by means of the movement of the flames, the sparks that jump towards the different cardinal points, have their meaning following the direction.

The Ovum:

It is an important element, since it is used to make a consultation; the omen varies if it bursts or not, depending on the cardinal point in which it does so, etc.

The roosters, hens or doves:

They are used as a sacrifice for a greater request, offering the blood to the Elders.

Pure and the cigarettes:

In order to make questions and consultations; sometimes it is necessary to smoke a cigarette to accompany the grandparents.

The grass:

The main function of some plants is to saturate the people attending the ceremony. It removes the bad vibrations stored in the body.

The myrrh:

It is also a plant that serves to request positive forces.

The sesame seeds:

It is very good to request economic prosperity when calling nawal Tz’ikin (the eagle)

The flowery water:

The elders use it to clean themselves and neutralize all the negativity. Depending on the type of ceremony, the color varies. It also serves to purify before the ceremony.

The honey:

In order to sweeten the things that are bitter.

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